Talking about what’s in the box today. You know that box right? Your cosy box where you live?
A fabulous environment for an introvert who desires to escape the box but instead, accumulates many shiny things, like obstacles and excuses.
I’m a bit tough minded on this subject of the box – and for good reason, so before I offend anyone with my bravery, I’ll apologise in advance.
One of the things I had in my box was the ability to see how well others were doing and in a flash instant speed of light, relate it to my own capabilities and then use it as an excuse to not attempt to lift the lid.
Before I mastered the action of being brave and stepping out of the box I had to firstly move someone who had their foot on the lid, keeping it firmly shut, allowing me only time to peek out and recite compliments. It’s OK, I outgrew that box through sheer determination and it is now dust and long gone.
I mean it helps if you have good people around you right, to encourage you to achieve your dreams? Because doing it on your own takes a special kind of madness, which I appear to be quite good at.
The box is a really important thing for me to tell my story during my creative thinking challenge. It starts on Monday. Please come and join us.
Photo by Christopher Bill on Unsplash

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