Unfinished Projects?

Whenever I have come up with an amazing idea or creation, quite often it is started with a huge amount of enthusiasm, followed by, I don’t know if it is boredom or a distraction or that it just wasn’t such a great idea after all, but I can easily put it to one side as an unfinished project.

I like to keep it though. I mean I might finish it later, right?

The image is just one such example. I had seen ‘junk owls’ from old frying pans and immediately fell in love with them. This is as far as I got (it’s unfinished) and it now sits just outside my front door.

It’s unfinished because it looks nothing like a junk owl, but it still evokes conversation from visitors (the postman!) to my front door and when I get time and some more scrap frying pans – I will make some more that actually look like owls.

Do you have such creative projects hanging about, half finished? What’s the plan?

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