Twitter Hours for Business

Here are a list of Twitter hours that are relevant to small businesses.

What are Twitter hours? They are hosted by one account who will retweet your message during the hour specified. It is common courtesy to engage with and follow other participants, as they will likely be relevant to you. I’m a bugger for forgetting them, so if any are really important to me, I set a reminder on my phone.

How do I join in? So, note the time the hour is going on and be present on the platform. Let’s take #ethicalhour as an example. It’s on a Monday at 8pm. Whenever you Tweet in this hour, use the hashtag in your message. The idea is that anyone joining in does so by searching on the hashtag. That is how they see your message and it could be retweeted several times, therefore reaching more people. It’s important to include the hashtag of the hour in EVERY POST you make – otherwise you will come ‘out of the feed’, so to speak.

What do I Tweet? Say hello and introduce yourself first. Use a strong headline and an image too will help you stand out from the messages within the feed. Also pay attention to what the host is tweeting as there is usually a question or topic of the week. This means the conversation isn’t just people promoting themselves to a brick wall, there is actually a conversation going on. It is usually very fast paced and you can gain a lot of followers in a short space of time. When you find the relevant hour for you, it is quite exciting!

As with all social media, show up, be present, engage, follow those relevant to you. The idea is to give value and hopefully gain followers, who in turn will see your content. You never know who is watching.

Here are some I’ve found to be good. Feel free to comment below if you have some good ones too and I’ll update the list.


9am-9pm #BizMumFollow

2-3pm #BizHour

8-9pm #CreativeBizHour

8-9pm #LincsConnect (for businesses in Lincolnshire)


6-7pm #prclub

7-8pm #FashionHour

8-9pm #UKEtsyHour

9-10pm #SmallBizHour


6-7pm #WomenInBiz


8-9pm #UKStartupHour

9-10pm #MumPreneurHour


12 noon-1pm #EcoHour

6-7pm #WomenInBiz

7.30-8.30pm #Flowertalk

8-9pm #RetailHourTime

8-9pm #RetailHour


6-7pm #SpeedNetworking


5-7.30pm #SBS (Tweet a short bio of your business to @TheoPaphitis with #SBS and he will RT his favourite 6)

7-8pm #CraftHour

Photo of Robin by Jan Meeus on Unsplash


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