The Red Dot

Having first learnt to speak out – IE have public speaking training – over 20 years ago on the shores of Lake Malawi – I’ve always wanted to do a TedX talk.

In 2023 I got invited to apply and was accepted to talk about the sustainability of mannequins.

With this story such a massive part of my journey over the last 20 years, it was something that was on my bucket list. Like I wasn’t going to feel accomplished without doing it.

The coaching for it spanned over six months, from a dedicated team of organisers and coaches. What was amazing, is that there was an amazing group of people who’d be talking on the same weekend and to see not only the improvements in my own presentation, but theirs too, was a very humbling experience.

Getting on the red dot is not as hard as you may think and it’s the thinking about it that is actually the hardest thing part of the whole experience.

And, it should be noted that whilst Digital PR is about living forever – your TedX talk will remain on the Ted Channel on YouTube for as far into the future as you can see and beyond!

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