I hear it all the time. Not wanting to launch an idea or get stuff done in business for fear of failure.

Perfection has a lot to answer for. If we strive for this we will never get anything done! Because nothing is perfect when you are launching something new and the last thing you want to do whilst researching your ideas, is compare yourselves to others.

So how to make your decision? Well let’s view it like this – if perfection was poverty, we’d never get anything done. Put another way – striving for perfection will result in poverty because often being perfect is not achievable and procrastination sets in.

That is not to say that you shouldn’t try your best, encouraged by good people who also not only try their best, but have results to show for it. I use a ‘Get Stuff Done’ method and I’ve just wrapped it up into a e-book. The imperfect lead generation page I’ve created for you to receive yours is right here.

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