The Happy Dance?!

Who did the happy dance? 😂
I actually really hate that quote. I mean it’s true, it’s what happens when you see your name in lights, but it’s still a bit of a faff statement in my book.
I prefer what my client Dale said this week, after appearing in Ideal Home magazine – she said, ‘Ermagherd!!’
Harnessing the feeling of seeing a press article about yourself appear is difficult to put into words, but it’s a deep validation that what you are doing is being recognised and that now, having been in the press, you are planted in the minds of others.
PR is a long game, but equally it can happen very quickly in these modern times – at the speed of light. You just need to be ready.
That’s where the PR Club is winning. I’m making it fun to get ready to grow your audience and be seen. I’ve deliberately made it low cost, so you can try it without breaking the bank. And just an hour or more (as you wish) a week will show you opportunities to become famous for what you do.
Click here to join – https://rozedwards.co.uk/pr-club/ – we’d love to see you in there! ❤️
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