The Girl Who Talks To Mannequins

I’m known as the mannequin lady and I often get asked – do you talk to them Roz?
Actually the temptation to have a little chat is somewhat overwhelming.
They are such funny things, yet so powerful with their presence.
They are tall, much taller than the average human.
What is their purpose in life? To show you amazing designs, so that you get to fall in love with a look that you can replicate – even if the mannequin is not your size.
Strangely enough, most fashion brands, unless they have actual shops, don’t have access to mannequins – especially in numbers.
And even shops that have them, won’t be able to pull them off the floor to use in special one off events.
That is where I come in. I boast the biggest collection of mannequins to hire. They come to me on a mission, to be saved, loved and cared for, for future generations.
Do I talk to them? You bet I do.
Thank you to Paul Greeves for the photograph.
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