The Buzz is the golden key for the entrepreneurs who are eager to harness the boundless energy of the digital age. A formula so simple, yet so potent, it promises to swell your audience and multiply your sales. The Buzz is not just a whisper; it's the roar of success that awaits your command. Delivered via weekly email with DIY, GROUP and VIP options.

Increase Visibility

More Eyes on You

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Why Do You Need The Buzz?

Needle in a haystack - does that sound familiar? You're the entrepreneur, the small business owner, a lone voice trying to sing above the cacophony of giants' marketing symphonies that flood every channel of media.

It's a battleground of visibility, and too often, it feels like David without a slingshot.

But imagine, just for a moment, a switch in your hand. A switch to silence the roar of the marketplace, turning the spotlight to your stage, to the essence of YOUR brand, the unique melody of YOUR message.

Your voice, though it may seem like a whisper now, has the potential to echo across the vastness of the digital landscape. To be not just heard, but listened to, not just seen, but recognized. Fame for your 'thing' is not a distant dream - it's an attainable reality.

That's why 'The Buzz' came to life from my desk to your hands. It's not just a guide; it's a master plan to make your products and events the talk of the town, leveraging every shred of media, every byte of technology at our disposal.

We are all alchemists with the power to craft gold from the ordinary - let 'The Buzz' be the place where you find the spells. It's more than guidance - it's your map to the treasure of recognition and success.

The buzz features

This is a complete format for promoting a specific service, product or event and encompasses the possibility of using as many of the online tools you wish to achieve the success your offers deserve. 

The Media landscape

You will understand the landscape of media influence and the potential it holds for your personal or business brand.

hassle free content planning

You will have the tools to create a clear promotional plan tailored to your specific product or service.


You will be able to produce compelling content that nurtures and converts leads at every funnel stage.

get set up to make sales

You will be equipped to effectively convert interest into sales and other desired actions.


You will feel confident in your media interactions, knowing how to convey your messages clearly.

repeatable format

You will be inspired to continue building your media presence with a clear set of actionable goals.

Introducing The Buzz

Introducing the master blueprint for the entrepreneur's success, the essence of a campaign that bridges the tactile allure of print with the dynamic pulse of Digital PR.

This isn't just a campaign you are working on; it's the art of narrative architecture for your singular product, your unique service, your milestone event. It's a symphony composed across every medium that the eye can see and the ear can hear.

We delve deep, starting with your idea. We don't just look; we unearth the core, the 'hook' that will catch your customers as surely as a lighthouse captures the gaze of the mariner in the foggy night.

We're talking about nurturing, not just an audience, but a following. A growth not merely in numbers, but in the fervent loyalty that legends are made of.

This is your playbook for prominence, your scroll of strategy, it's 'The Buzz.' It's where your voice doesn't just echo; it resounds, it reverberates, it resonates, transforming the whisper of today into the roar of tomorrow.

Roz Edwards

Known internationally as The Mannakin Lady for her work rescuing mannequins from landfill.

Roz has successfully promoted her company, Mannakin Ltd to the globe, online.

She's a small business owner, just like you and the format contained in The Buzz, will help you promote your own business to the world.

What Clients Are Saying..

Press coverage helped us raise over £250k

The combined efforts of the Great Tommy Sleep Out by everyone who contributed, raised over £250K for homeless veterans.


Digital PR helped me launch my new children's story book

Having Roz's help to launch my book, with an event was a genius idea, one which I was very grateful to design. Roz dealt with all of the PR.


PR for Doom Town helped to sell over 200 tickets to our event

Using Roz's formula, we successfully held an event for Halloween, at Mannakin Hall. The press coverage was both local and national.




  • The media landscape has changed and has been doing so at a rapid pace. Learn how you can use this to your advantage.
  • Understanding your reason for wanting to promote and being very clear on it before starting.
  • Creating a visibility mindset to ensure the confidence is in place.


The Format
  • Understanding the benefits and the outcomes of The Buzz Format.
  • Your audience and where they hang out and how to craft the perfect campaign for them.
  • Your timelines and templates for everything you need across various media platforms, including finding media contacts, your content journey and much more so that you can implement the steps.


  • Unless we measure the success of our efforts, we will have no idea how successful we have been. 
  • Identifying measurable factors that can be celebrated.
  • Having a format that works and is repeatable and benefits from tweaking as you become more experienced.


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