It was that long ago that I cannot remember when.
A ‘Start Your Business’ course in 48 hours in Sheffield, hosted by former Dragon Doug Richard and the chap we all know behind the SEO plugin, Mr Yoast himself.
A volunteer from the audience was requested by Doug. ‘I want one of you to come and get the Dragons Den treatment.’
Naturally I put my hand up and yes I was picked.
Doug normally asks anyone he considers investing in, around 14 questions. Most don’t get past the third.
I got to ELEVEN before I got stuck and couldn’t go further – or should we say the point at which he was now advising me, instead of me advising him about my Mannakin business.
I’m so glad I got this photo as it is a reminder of a really fab couple of days.
Everything I’ve learnt in business I now share with you to get your ideas going, to inspire you to do great things and I’m really pleased to be not only relaunching my FREE FB group from this Friday onwards to help you stay on track and learn, it is also when my next 5 Day Challenge starts – ‘How to Make Your Business Famous.’
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