Proactive or Reactive?

Speaking from personal experience, there are two ways that change affects us and that depends on whether it is reactive or proactive.

Reactive change is when you suddenly find yourself facing difficult situations, you feel that it is all going wrong and you make rash decisions in order to fix the situation.

The luxury of a proactive change takes far more bravery because you calculate the plan and create it to suit your vision.

There is not much visualisation going on when it’s a reactive response because you just kick into survival mode. That in itself is so overwhelming, but with small steps in place, you can start to succeed.

Proactive is so much harder because you realise you are in a box, but the box doesn’t fit anymore. You might not like the size of the box, the colour or the feel. You push and push on the lid but you can’t seem to open it.

That is when you need to creatively reinvent yourself and give yourself the courage and the confidence to lift that lid off and take a small step outside.


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