Who Has The Keys To The 

PR Machine?


Come and join me for a chat discovering how I raised my status and respect internationally in the weirdest of industries.

An exciting experience - how I grew Mannakin using PR.

It's a well loved story and not what you think it might be.

I want to share with you the story of a gift that keeps on giving.

New To PR?

That's cool.

So was I when I first made contact with the press. What followed was an incredible journey that has made me internationally famous with the company I founded, Mannakin.

And it's still ongoing, with my latest piece being on The BBC One Show in February 2023.

I will explain why you should kickstart your PR journey and get your first piece of press for your new business.

PR is about building relationships between your business and the public.

I'll reveal why you should do this and why it feels so good!

Image shows Roz Edwards walking with Owain Wyn Evans during filming for the BBC One Show in December 2022 at Mannakin Hall, Lincolnshire.