Overthinking it

I definitely do this a lot. Do you?

I make as many excuses as possible and that takes up a HUGE part of my energy.

But I know we all do this and it’s talked about so much – especially as a way of stopping us moving forward – but what about underthinking – anyone else resonate with this?

By underthinking I mean the inability to think at all. To have no ideas and therefore not even being aware.

I find myself doing this on the odd occasion and I cannot even think of an example other than I know I stare into space for a bit, totally clueless! A bit like a mannequin perhaps?!

So what is the best way to snap out of underthinking? Reading a book, learning something new is what I recommend.

And as to overthinking, well I just find myself doing it and have a stern word with myself.

Image credit – Anthony Tran on Unsplash

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