It’s Difficult To Trust

I learnt this the hard way.

I’ve been successfully setting up websites to run my creative business ideas and projects since about 2000. Whilst I gave up doing websites for others, I still know a good bit about them and basic SEO stuff.

Marketing and advertising – again not an expert – but I know enough and have used what I know with success.

I’d been to a seminar by a marketing company. They seemed amazing, I got on with them and was genuinely flattered that they had taken an interest in my business specifically.

I was at the stage where I was overwhelmed and wanted to automate my processes as much as possible.

I then had a further meeting and all seemed good and so I signed on the dotted line of the contract (I don’t like contracts – I prefer to TRUST – because I know that when I make promises, I keep them.)

What then proceeded to happen was very little. The company had taken my money and ran. I couldn’t get hold of them and when I did, the so called experts in marketing, web design and SEO actually knew very little.

It resulted in the biggest disappointment and the second rated poorest performance by others over my own skills in my time in business.

The point I want to make is that we often trust. We want to trust, but when that trust is so broken and disappointing, it leaves you in a horrible place.

I’m now looking at those that give first and create value – so I can get to know them and build that trust – because despite having been let down – I do still want to trust others to help. I’m an optimist!

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