Is Life Passing Us By?

Is life passing us by?

This question is one of my biggest frustrations in life and causes the greatest anxiety.

And it is outside influences that cause it – reactive response again – here we go.

But it just feels at the moment, especially during this pandemic, that we are just treading water. We want things to look forward to, like a simple thing as a holiday, but we don’t know when we can do that right now.

The oppression that so many of us are feeling is overwhelming but I acknowledge that there are others out there who experience this even when its not pandemic o’clock.

There are big decisions being made right now in the small business sector – are we going to close shop, what else would we do if we didn’t hold on to what we know and love?

I don’t want to seem like a pit of despair but what is the way forward?

And as we just sit and wait, we become numb, it’s like there is no fight left. We can’t even meet up to encourage, to hug each other, build and grow.

The world has changed so much, but we need to find ways in which we can operate, whilst accepting that any decisions right now are very difficult to make.

I know we should all make plans, but what is the general feeling out there?

Image Credit to Meagan Ranson on Unsplash

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