I’m Awake At Night

Getting the right amount of sleep is really down to us as individuals and I find I need much more in the winter than in the summer. I’m a good sleeper now, but in the past my frustrations would keep me up at night.

The problem is, is that I am ambitious and impatient. I like things done yesterday and in the way I want them done too.

A bit demanding you might say but why not? Why not wish to manifest everything you want for yourself and your family in one go?

But the frustrations came out of having to do EVERYTHING myself, having to have no-one to turn to, to make me see that slow and steady wins the race. I really could have done with a coach at the time.

Luckily in my case with Mannakin, the business grew very quickly and my team and I were fire fighting every day to keep up with orders. So I knew we were going to be alright and then, knackered at the end of the day, once my head hit the pillow, there was nothing left to worry about.

Anxiety in the early days of business is real, but it is how we manage that vision (or mission if you like to call it that) ahead of us so that we can achieve what we want.

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