What’s in the box – you know the box where you live? That cosy place that has a very strong magnet, keeping you inside?

It helps to look around you to see the things you’ve unknowingly placed there.

When they are visual, like clutter, they are far easier to see and deal with. You can make a decision when you are removing physical clutter such as – do I want that, is it rubbish or shall I give it to charity. (Roll on charity shops being open btw!)

But when it is mental stuff, it just affects us without realising. Sometimes we like it, without realising. Sometimes we need these things, like a protective blanket, without realising.

You have to be ready, to have made the decision to make a change, before you can lift the lid on the box and for me, that starts with what I call a creative reset.

My challenge does just that, well actually no it doesn’t, it teaches you a process that you can use to start to do that, because coming out of our comfort zone, potentially eliminating that which we know and are stuck to are not simple steps that can be learnt overnight. Just as you can’t be a billionaire in 5 minutes.

These things take work, investment and dedication.

If this has resonated with you – come and join my next creative reset challenge because they are high energy with a motivated group of aspiring business owners, who just like you are a bit hesitant to take the next steps. Here is the link for the next round.

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