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Digital PR is one of the most exciting parts of being an entrepreneur.

At this point in time, it's more important than ever that you are being recognised for being SEEN AND AMAZING.

Because stories and coverage about you - out there - showing what you stand for, IS the marketing weapon of the future.

Don't worry if you haven't started to embrace this phenomenon, but my guess is that you're curious!

It's PR, but not how you think you know it.

Want to expand your game plan, get stuck in and give it a go?

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 FAMOUS Five Day Experience!

Hosted by Roz Edwards, Known Internationally (via PR) as the Mannequin Lady.

We start on 24 July 2023

As the daughter of a film maker, I've been brought up in front of the camera and so when it was time to promote my peculiar mannequin story, I didn't hesitate to use PR to promote my business.

Since those early days of Mannakin, I have been featured internationally across various TV and Radio stations and numerous digital media.

As well as five minutes of fame, PR, when done correctly, not for the moment but for the future can give you repeatable avenues into your world for the future. It's an incredible thing to do and places you as a trusted expert in your niche.

And it's great FUN.

Let Me Show You How...

  • Get your mindset ready for revealing how amazing you are and your gifts for the world
  • Find out who needs your message
  • Discover the power of telling your story
  • Realise that PR opportunities are everywhere
  • Learn how to use Twitter to spot PR opportunities
  • And much more Digital PR value

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