Does ChatGPT Think I’m A Dummy?

Mucking about today with my ChatGPT thing.

Here’s how the conversation went today…

ME :: create an image of me in my kitchen

ChatGPT :: To create a personalized image of you in your kitchen, I’ll need a detailed description of your appearance and the kitchen setting. Please describe your hair color, style, skin tone, preferred clothing, and any distinctive features. Also, describe your kitchen’s layout, color scheme, and any specific details you want included.

ME :: long blonde hair, white, jeans and hoodie, glasses on – huge kitchen in a gothic manor house

ChatGPT :: Here’s the image of you in a huge kitchen within a gothic manor house, as described. The kitchen is designed with gothic architectural elements, and you are depicted with long blonde hair, wearing jeans, a hoodie, and glasses. Feel free to click on the image to view or download it.

I’ve been asking it a lot recently, random requests with mannequins in them, so is it being trained now to remember all of the things I’m inputting?

Or has the robot war started in slow motion and ChatGPT just thinks we are dummies?
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