How dow you get confidence & clarity?

It comes from decisions we make and the space we are in whilst we make those decisions.

Are we people pleasing when we do that or are we taking a moment to remember our vision and quickly analysing whether a decision is really the answer we want to give.

I like to think about the analogy of the box, or your comfort zone if you like. The longer you stay in this zone, the smaller it gets and it’s wallpapered inside with fear, procrastination, confusion and ultimately sadness. But it’s comfortable right? Yes but only in the short term and can be maintained by that rebellious nature of laziness, telling yourself you don’t need to do things or don’t want to be told what to do, including by yourself!

True confidence (to get out of your box) and clarity really relies upon your vision. So if you want to start the steps into being confident and clarity start working on that.

What can be really helpful is collecting images of what your vision might look like and magically when you do this you begin a journey of manifesting.

An example.

I love Land Rover Defenders. Absolutely gorgeous vehicles. I’ve had an attraction to them from my teenage years when I was riding a lot. Having a Defender would have meant I could get to the shows, as it would tow my horse box and therefore more chances to win red ribbons.

Years later I caught the eye of a handsome man driving such a vehicle. I fell in love with him and enjoyed driving his Land Rover of course! This now asset unfortunately was never going to pull a horse box (he wasn’t much into horses by the time I realised this, but I was in love by then so it didn’t matter).

Then years later, cutting a very long story short and realising I had a few pounds spare in the bank – I went for it. I bought a brand new Defender. Such a beautiful vehicle. So what did I buy next? A brand new Ifor Williams horse box – top of the range.

Let’s look at how I made that decision. I was confident that I could afford it so the decision to buy was really easy. It was something I had wanted for so long so I only needed the confidence to know that my income would cover it. Clarity also came within that decision it was clear I wanted it, but just the financial question came into play.

Do you use the power of manifestation? Would you like to get clarity on your business vision so you can confidently start creating your vision?

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  • Comfort zone gets smaller if you stay in longer.
  • Life is about adventure and taking risks.
  • Life you want lies outside of the box, not in it.
  • Regrets are the saddest thing in life.
  • Make sure vision is not toxic and too heavy a burden – re-evaluate when needed.

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