Can’t Be Arsed

One of my biggest daily frustrations in life is the inability to find the motivation to do stuff and get up off my arse.

I am a bit of a rebel in nature and like to live my life on my own terms. I love shiny new things, stationery being a firm favourite but am not excluded from the next exciting thing that will make my life easier and inspire me to get up.

I painted this mannequin bum (it was a lingerie bum in a previous life) one evening during my famous ‘Live With Wine & Paintbrushes’ show on a Facebook Live.

Most people watching, enjoy to see whether I’m going to put my paintbrush into my wine to clean, rather than the glass of water.

But during one episode, I was discussing procrastination. I didn’t let anyone see what words I was painting. So when I turned the bum around towards the camera, the laughing emojis took over the screen. It revealed that the show went quite well!

But I think the biggest way to avoid the procrastination is to know our reason why we do what we do. Because our why keeps us going when we feel stuck.

And then if it is a true case of ‘Can’t be Arsed’ then maybe look within to rule out general laziness.

Image and design Copyright Roz Edwards

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