BBC One Show

Suddenly I’d become an influencer and person of knowledge.

I’d been asked by the BBC One Show if I could shoot a piece about the relationship between the sizes of mannequins seen in shops and female body image.

It was just after the Top Shop mannequin horror, whereby a lady had put her arm next to a mannequin leg, to demonstrate how it was smaller than her arm.

The media then explored the suggestion that shops were trying to influence being stick thin to young girls. I of course had a different argument.

When a good brand of mannequins makes their original sculpt and mould, with which to reproduce, it is done at great expense and time investment. But if you wanted to reproduce that mannequin through purchasing it and then making a mould from it – what happens? It loses quality (as well as being a serious copyright issue).

Now imagine that happening time and time again, because it does. The resulting mannequin is going to be thinner, less realistic and very poor quality. Cheap purchasing of vital shop fittings is to blame, not the mannequins themselves.

And that was my answer. It’s like a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy.

This is one of my favourite stories and I know I influence and inspire when I hit the press, it is certainly one of my biggest personal assets.

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