AI Gave Zero Confidence

I’m playing with ChatGPT. I quite like that I have a little helper. I call him Nigel and whilst he is quick, he doesn’t always spark confidence.

When ChatGPT first came out, I was quite against it. Like I’m old school. I’ve seen how fast the world has moved and this was a bit too fast forward for me. See my thoughts here when everyone started talking about it.

But now, I like it.

I don’t take it seriously, but I do find it good fun.

Then when it started creating images – you’ll see quite a few of them here on my site – I really went to town.


The prompt – “Show me [insert position – standing/sitting] in [location] from behind. I have [your appearance, hair colour, what you’re wearing]. I am [tell your robot what you’re doing].”


So here I’m asking to be in a tropical location with lot’s of birds. I must have a phone in my hand as I’m tweeting on X.

It’s to promote my PR Club Twitter hour on Tuesdays – but I don’t need to confuse Nigel with that info.

Anyway, he is not perfect and has given me 2 pairs of legs. At least I’ll be able to run faster from the robots if they ever start chasing me. Or maybe I will dramatically fall over my own laces 😂

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