Turn Your Lives Into A TV Show

If you are feeling like you’re speaking into the void during live social media broadcasts then you are not alone. Many of us start off facing the embarrassing challenge of low engagement and viewership. But with the right strategies, you can turn your live sessions into captivating experiences that mirror the appeal of your own TV show.

In the online space – a ‘TV’ show hosted on social media to promote a small business or personal brand is sometimes called a signature show.

1. Plan Your Content Like a TV Show Producer

  • The TV Schedule Just like TV programs, set a regular schedule for your lives. Consistency helps build a routine for your audience. So same time, same day. If you are doing this via for example Facebook, you can also create an event on your page that is promoted to a wider audience.
  • Theme Your Format Create themed episodes or segments within the episode. This adds structure and gives viewers something to look forward to.
  • Consider The Incentive Why should someone watch? Entertainment or education? Motivation or story telling? Consider a weekly giveaway whilst growing your email list.

Example – My Friday 7pm ‘Have I Got Body Parts For You’ announces 5 winners each week of a car boot full of mannequin body parts.

Viewers enter once they’ve downloaded my ‘Guide To Mannakin’.

2. Engage with Your Audience Before, During, and After the Broadcast

  • Pre-Broadcast Promotion: Use other social media platforms to hype up your upcoming live sessions. Shout about your TV Show!
  • Interactive Segments: During the live, encourage viewer participation through Q&As, polls, or live reactions. An easy one is to ask viewers how they are, where they are watching from and asking regular questions about what you are talking about.
  • Follow-Up: Post highlights or interesting snippets from your live session to engage viewers who missed it. I always go back through the live, even if I’ve answered on the live, by commenting on the reactions from viewers.

3. Improve Your Technical Setup

  • Invest in Quality: Good lighting and sound quality can make a huge difference in viewer retention, but do not let this hold you back from starting. Viewers love seeing the real you, warts and all – it gives them connection to you. Do test your audio though, I have one phone that I do not go live on as the audio is crackly. Use a tripod for your phone / camera and make sure the lens is clean!
  • Visual Appeal: Use visually appealing backdrops or graphics to keep your audience engaged.

The TV Set Background for my Friday Lives from Mannakin Hall.

4. Collaborate with Other Creators or Guests

  • Guest Appearances: Invite guests to your live sessions. This not only adds variety but can also bring in their followers. I’ve tried this using Facebook lives and people cannot always connect, so if I was going to do this, I’d use Zoom. Unless of course the person was in the room with me!
  • Cross-Promotions: Collaborate with others for cross-promotion, expanding your audience reach. This has happened several times on my Mannakin page, due to other pages coming to Mannakin Hall and live-streaming.

5. Analyse and Adapt

  • Feedback is Gold: Regularly ask for feedback from your viewers and adapt accordingly. But also give a good trial run before you assume people don’t like what you are doing. It is about them and loyal fans will only be happy to help you.
  • Monitor Trends: Stay updated with trends and integrate them into your content where relevant. This may be just having a news segment within your schedule.

Building an engaged audience takes time and patience. With a TV show format, you’re not just going live; you’re creating an experience. Keep innovating, and soon, you’ll see your ‘studio’ buzzing with activity! And it is quite the buzz!

COMING SOON! My TV Broadcasting Format, with tips and tricks and a blank copy for you to fill in for yours.

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